A contributor license agreement or CLA is a legal document outlining the terms under which contributions (code documentation, etc.) are submitted to a project. A CLA clarifies ownership, permissions, and warranties for the contributed material.

If you’d like to contribute code to a project that requires a CLA, please fill out the below form and the OSPO will kick off the approval process.

Please enter your title and your JHU affiliation, e.g. Whiting School of Engineering, Sheridan Libraries, etc.
The publicly available code repository for the project requesting the CLA.
The publicly available website for the project requesting the CLA.
Please write a short description of your expected / planned contribution. Please note whether you expect to have ongoing engagement with this project.
If your contribution is related to research facilitated by JHURA, please enter the Proposal Name and Institute Proposal Number (IPN).
Please note if your contribution is related to technology for which patents have been filed, or to technology licensed by JHU to an outside organization.
If the project provided you with a digital copy of the CLA (vs. using a CLA manager like EasyCLA), you can upload it here.
Max. file size: 49 MB.